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Research alliance ...

... for the recycling of biobased plastics

IQ-Activity "MINT-BRÜCKE"...

... a qualification for graduates with foreign university degree in the area of the natural sciences and technology (MINT)

Resources are limited, and the global situation calls for an efficient and sustainable economic activity. The KNOTEN WEIMAR GmbH offer their professional competence and expertise in the form of technology transfer, consulting services, the issuing of studies and expert opinions as well as further education courses and expert field trips in the areas of environmental engineering and infrastructure development of supply and disposal since 1999.

Project news...

Publication of the Status-quo-report related to the research alliance "Sustainable recycling strategies for products and wastes from biobased plastics"
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"Biobased plastic products in the sorting of ligtht weight packaging", publication in Wirtschaftsspiegel; Sonderheft: Innovationsmotor Kunststoff and in Müll und Abfall

We are a Team! According this slogan, the participants of the IQ-Activity „MINT- Brücke“, have done a team-training in the Thuringian Forest.
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